Racing Rocks!!

An event co-sponsored by School District 91, Cross Country Canada and Omineca Ski Club

The 2017 edition of Racing Rocks will be held on Saturday, March 4th.  Come on out and enjoy the fun!!


It is a one day event sponsored by School District 91, Cross Country Canada and Omineca Ski Club that introduces elementary aged schoolchildren to the excitement , fun and satisfaction of cross country skiing.
Lots of novel races are set up and you get to compete for your school – see who can win the most points!!
Dress up in the annual theme!!

Sign up at your school and win points for participation!

Entry fee (including lunch) is $2.  All kids from pre-schoolers to grade 7 are invited.  Registration is done at your school and forms will be sent home with students.  Skis are available from your school.
Check-in starts at 9:30 am with activities to start at 11:00 am.  Prize giving should be finished by 2 pm.

The concession will be open serving a hot lunch and beverages.


For more information contact Susan Russell or Rachelle van Zanten


What have we done lately?

2014 – Olympic Super Hero

2015 – Wear Green


Check out the list of races:

  • Damsel in Distress~ individual timed sprint through obstacles to rescue our stuffed Damsel.
  • Super Hero Three Legged Ski Race~ two super heroes are tied together at the leg with flagging tape and are sent on a mission. They must complete the required distance without breaking the tape.
  • Around the Bush Flag Race~ Racer must race up and over the bunny hill, grab a flag, ski around the grove, drop the flag in the bucket and head back for another flag. Ages 5-6 have one flag to recover while ages 7-9 have 3 and ages 10-13 have four flags.
  • Super Hero Distance Race~ Varying distance race for three age categories. Mass start. Classic style.
  • Four Points Keyhole Race~ Super Hero must start at center and ski up to keyhole, enter it without touching the marked outline, complete 180 degree turn, ski back to center and complete three other keyholes. Timed event.
  • Villain Slayer– Racer grabs bean bag out of bucket then proceeds to weave tightly through poles (similar to pole bending course). Once through the poles they take aim at the villain which is a hole in a plywood backdrop and then head back through poles. Course will be simplified for the younger ages. This is timed event with points for getting the bean bag through the hole.