Wax Cabin

the comfiest one in the north...

Our wax cabin can be found as you enter the main stadium area – it is at the bottom of the main parking lot right where most of the trails originate.  Wax your skis, warm up by the furnace, rent your skis or get a day use pass.

In the fall of 2015 the cabin went through a total facelift – new paint, safe mats on the floor (no more sliding across it in your ski boots), awesome lockers, no more leaky roof.  Now it’s probably one of the happiest, if not warmest, wax cabins in the north!!


The cabin is heated ALL winter – not many clubs can boast this.  It contains waxing tables and ski holders plus a few irons.  There is also a changing room and locker rental available for the season (see the home page for details).


If you are a day user – the green metal day use fee depository is just inside the door.  Please put your name on the sign-up sheet.