Equipment Rentals

Daily or Seasonal

We have a good selection of ski equipment – boots, skis and poles – for both children and adults.  All of our equipment is stored in a locked cupboard in the Wax Cabin – accessible using the combination lock.  

We are looking for someone who is willing to look after the rental program for us!  It is not an onerous job – it merely means being accessible by phone and the occasional trip to the Wax Cabin!

In the meantime, please contact Cherelle Finstad at 250-692-4090 who has kindly stepped in for the interim (while also taking care of her membership duties).

Seasonal Rates:

Ski equipment can be rented by the season – it cannot leave the Ski Club property but you will have priority for its use by booking with Harriet.

Adults: $60
Children: $40
Family: $150

Daily Rates:

Adult: $15 per day ($10 per day if you are enrolled in lessons)
Child: $5 per day
Family: $25 per day

Snowshoes in various sizes are available for rent at $5 per day

Children’s Equipment:

We have a range of children’s equipment – our inventory is now up to 21 pairs of skis and they are all waxless.  Lengths are 90 – 170 cm.
Our boots range in size from 27 – 37.
There are a variety of poles also available.

Adult Equipment:

We have about 20 pairs of adult skis – the majority require waxing but we have recently added some waxless skis to our inventory.  The skis range in length from 188 to 193 cm.
Our boots range in size from 7 (womens) to 12 (mens).
There are a variety of poles to choose from including new ones for skate skiing.