Welcome to Biathlon in the Lakes District


We’re hosting the BC Cup #2 for biathlon on the weekend of February 16 – 18, 2018.  Come on out and lend a hand with the event or just bring the family to watch the fun.  Races happen on Saturday and Sunday – click on this link to the official page.

The next Omineca AMAZING Relay

is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 11th, 2018.  Join in the fun as teams combine skiing and shooting accuracy plus hidden challenges in a relay format.  For more details, click here to go to the Omineca Amazing Relay page.


Want to see some of the Omineca AMAZING Relay in action?  Check out our new promo video by following this link to YouTube

Join the Omineca Owls Biathlon Team!!  



Contact Us!

Contact one of our local Biathlon coaches for more information regarding Biathlon at the Omineca Ski Club:

Wes Bender  250-698-7737

Waneta Nealis  250-695-6706

Welcome to our newly trained coaches: Agathe, Mary, Gabriela, Randy and Ron

What is Biathlon?

Biathlon is an Olympic winter sport that combines competitive, skate-style cross-country skiing  technique and small-bore rifle marksmanship.  It is a challenging sport because it combines two very different activities—shooting and skiing.  Shooting demands very strong control and stability and cross country skiing requires intense physical exercise.  It is very difficult to arrive at the shooting range and shoot at a very small target with your chest heaving from exertion.

A little biathlon history…

The sport of biathlon (Greek origin meaning “two tests’) goes back thousands of years to when hunting was done on skis.  The first ever officially recorded biathlon competition was held in 1767.  Biathlon didn’t become really popular until the 20th century when competitions (mainly in Scandinavia) were held for military training purposes.  In 1924 Biathlon (AKA Military Patrol) entered the Olympic stage.  Biathlon in Canada also emerged out of military competitions and in 1968 Canada sent an all-military team to the Olympics in France.  For and extended biathlon history lesson visit www.biathloncanada.ca and click on “Learn about Biathlon”.

We are boasting about our range and its new roof – click here to go to our Biathlon Range webpage

“Give it a Shot”

Are you interested in trying biathlon?

The Omineca Owls have a number of single-day biathlon activities designed to introduce new participants (ages 8-80) to the sport of biathlon.  “Give-it-a-Shot” events are partially funded by Biathlon BC and ViaSport.  Sorry none are currently scheduled.

 Cost is $25 per person.


Come and train with the Omineca Owls!

The Omineca Owls practice Sunday mornings at 10 or 11 am (weather dependent) at the Omineca Ski Club Range.  The athletes also join the Track Attack skiers every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday (coached by Chris Paulson) for the cross country portion of their training.


Registration with Biathlon Canada and Biathlon BC:
$40 – $180 for season membership depending on your category

Please note all family members are expected to register as ‘supporter’ if they are spending time on the range.  The cost is $20 per person.  To register, click this link to Biathlon BC.

Rifle Rental: $50 to $100 per season

Ammunition: $5 – $10 per practice

Program Fees: $30 per person



  • All athletes need to be on the Track Attack or Junior Team.  All participants must have a current OSC membership. (To register for all of these programs, click here)
  • Parents need a current PAL for purchasing ammunition and transporting rifles

2015/16 Race Schedule

BC Cup schedule

BC Cup 1—January 9 & 10 in Vanderhoof

BC Cup 2 – January 30 & 31 in Prince George

BC Cup 3 – Feb 13 & 14 in Whistler

See how our local biathletes are doing this season!

Click on the following links for the most up-to-date race results www.biathlonbc.ca or www.zone4.ca/results

Biathlon Age Categories – What category are you?

Biathlon is unique because every two years you need to master a new skill!


Midgets 10 and under……………………………..Prone only—big (standing) targets with a rest

Juveniles 11/12…………………………………………Prone only – SMALL (prone) TARGETS with a rest

Junior Boys and Junior Girls 13/14 ………Prone only – prone targets with a SLING

Senior Boys and Senior Girls 15/16……….Prone and STANDING

Youth men and Youth women 17/18……..Athletes CARRY their rifle

Junior men and Junior women 19/20…..Athletes ski much LONGER distances

Open men and Women 20+… ………………..Distances increase again

Masters 35+……………………………………………..The fun never ends!!!!

Recreation class (all ages)………………………For those of us who want some competition but don’t want to compete with the experts