The Roll of Honour

The Omineca Ski Club has developed three separate Rolls of Honour.

Early Championship Racers 1927 – 1956 includes skiers of outstanding merit from the early years, before the framework for qualifications were formalized.

Omineca Ski Club Roll of Honour includes skiers who have officially qualified for and competed in National and Interational Championships.

British Columbia Team Members includes skiers who have officially qualified for and been nominated to the BC Team and who have actually competed for BC as a team member.

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Early Championship Racers 1927 – 1956

These people are recognized as skiers of outstanding merit from the early years.

Pit (Pete) Sandes       1929/30

O. Fiskum                    1929/30

Karl Lindaas                1929/30

Knut Nysven              1935
Western Canadian Championships

Isaac Kuusela              1935
Western Canadian Championships

Harold Eakin              1953, 1954 & 1956
Northern BC Championships

Olaf Garseth               1953, 1954 & 1956
BC Championships

Niilo Lindroos            1954
BC Championships

Bill Hollingsworth      1954
BC Championships

Alford Eakin               1954
BC Championships

Carl Richmond           1954
BC Championships

Bob Saul                     1954
BC Championships

Gunnar Anderson      1954
BC Championships

Frank Strimbold         1956
BC Championships

Omineca Ski Club Roll of Honour

These skiers officially qualified for and competed in National and International Championships.

Kaare Engstad
1932 Olympics, Lake Placid, New York
1932 Canadian Senior Nationals

Niilo Itkonen
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

J.F. Holmes
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

D. Rowland
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

G. Rowland
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

W. Springer
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

F. Ragsdale
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

G. Williams
1952 Canadian Senior Nationals

Alford Eakin
1952/53 Canadian Junior Nationals

Niilo Lindroos
1953 North American Championships

Carl Richmond
1954/55 North American Championships

Bob Saul
1954/56 North American Championships

Errol Anderson
1956 North American Championships

Philip Engstad
1956 North American Championships

Ralph Lindaas
1956 North American Championships

Roland Morin
1956 North American Championships

Denise Cronin
1972 Canadian Junior Nationals

Lance Hazelton
1972 Canadian Junior Nationals

Margy Miller
1972 Canadian Junior Nationals
1971/73 Canadian Senior Nationals

Esther Miller
1971/72/73 Canadian Junior Nationals
1974-82 Canada National Team
1974 Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria
1980 Olympic Games, Lake Placid, New York
1980/81 Canadian Senior Nationals

David Hamp
1973 Canadian Junior Nationals

Marvin Strimbold
1973-79 Canadian Junior Nationals
1979/80 Canadian Senior Nationals

Paul Strimbold
1971/73 Canadian Junior Nationals

Linda Worthing
1973 Canada Winter Games

Rick Paulson
1974/75/77 Canadian Junior Nationals

Joan McKay
1976 Canadian Senior Nationals

Max Strimbold
1979 Canada Winter Games

Lana Lindaas
1981/82/83 Canadian Junior Nationals

Chris Paulson
1981/82 Canada Winter Games
1987 Canadian Junior Nationals

Wanda Hallgren
1982 Canadian Junior Nationals

Judd Lutick
1991 Canadian National Juveniles

Tony Strimbold
1991 Canada Winter Games

Ryan Shanks
1999 Canadian Junior Nationals

Chris Werrell
2004/05 Canadian Junior Nationals
2007 Canada Winter Games

Allie Dickson
2008-2011 Canadian Senior Nationals (Biathlon)

Emily Dickson
2012/13 Canadian Senior Nationals (Biathlon)
2013 World Junior/Youth Championships, Austria (Biathlon)

BC Team Members

These skiers were on the British Columbia Cross Country Ski Team.

Margy Miller              1972/3

Paul Strimbold           1972/3

David Hamp               1973

Rick Paulson               1974/75/77

Debbie Lindaas          1976

Joan McKay                1976

Martin Froese            1977

Max Strimbold           1977

Lana Lindaas              1980/81, 1982-84

Steve Siegner             1980/81

Marvin Strimbold      1980-82

Esther Miller              1980-83

Wanda Hallgren         1982-86

Tammy Lindaas          1982-84

Chris Paulson             1982-84, 1985-88, 1989-94

Tony Strimbold          1985-92

Judd Lutick                 1991

Amos Ashurst             1993/94

Chad Bergen              1993/94

Ryan Shanks               1998-2002

Chris Werrell              2001-09

David Palmer             2009/10

Allie Dickson              2010/11 (Biathlon)

Emily Dickson             2012/12 (Biathlon)