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Since 1927

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What’s happening at Omineca?

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Important Decisions on Fat Biking

At the most recent executive meeting (December 4th) some very important decisions were made regarding fat biking on our groomed trails.  There were three important resolutions passed.  Please follow this link to our new page on fat biking and scroll to the bottom to read the resolutions.

We really appreciate all the feedback we can get on this topic.  Fill in the survey – send us comments on the IDEA CARD

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Who Are We?

The Omineca Ski Club is situated just 6 km south of the Village of Burns Lake in north-central B.C.

Jean Paulson Lodge

Our lodge is available to rent for your party, family reunion or meeting.  Take advantage of an inside or outside event with a fully equipped kitchen, portable sound system and media apparatus.

Dog Trail

Take your pooch for some great outside exercise!!  This 3.8 km trail is accessed via Gilgan Pit Road (entry is about 1 km south of main club entrance on Hwy 35 – at the top of Hopper’s Hill).  There is ample parking at the start of the trail.

Biathlon (Omineca Owls)

The Owls are known to haunt the biathlon range winter and summer!!  Join them in training sessions and competitions on the range.

Trails and Grooming

The Omineca Ski Club maintains over 30 km of ski trails of every level of difficulty.  The trails, that are also ideal for mountain biking or hiking in the summer, are within our recreation area plus extended trails within the adjacent Burns Lake Community Forest.  We have a 1.5 km lit track and a 3.8 km dog friendly trail. We also have two specially designated trails for snowshoeing.  Follow this link for a map of our main trails and find some recommendations for routes of various lengths.

Social Events

Join us throughout the year whether it be for a ski, a potluck dinner or a workbee to meet new people and enjoy outdoor activities in a family friendly atmosphere!

*Skills Development Program * Track Attack * Junior Racers*

Learn to ski for fun or take it to the next level and compete in local and regional races…

Join Our Club!

Whether it’s cross country skiing, biathlon shooting, snowshoeing, walking the trails of the woodlot or just socializing … Omineca Ski Club offers you lots of camaraderie, plenty of fresh air and exercise and many volunteer opportunities.  Come on out!!

Latest Grooming Reports

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Grooming Report

Spud Tower Looking for the sun? It’s out on the Larch! All it takes is a little climb and you are in paradise. We also ran the G2 around the boulder and Squirrel to clean up the skate track. We will need a little more snow to bring the BR275 out again. In the meantime...
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Grooming Report

Spud Tower Recognize this place? It’s the Spud Tower! The BR275 made it to the top and now you can too. With a little effort you can enjoy the spectacular views from the top and the thrills of the descent. Enjoy!...
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Grooming Report

Can you believe it is November and we have such great conditions? Chris was out this morning on the big machine grooming and Randy and Sean were out yesterday on the G2. Together they groomed the entire system except for a couple of trails. Looking for a long ski? Try...
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Grooming Report

Another good dump of snow today so the crew were busy grooming all day. Nearly all the trails have been groomed with either the big machine or the G2. The two new connections were done as well, the dog trail extension from Home Run to Summit, and the Reid Roundabout...
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Grooming Report

Guess who’s back? The BR275 rides again! With the bulk of the trails packed and the snow last night we were able to get the big machine out this morning. Trails groomed are the Main, stride and glide, summit, Cedar-Spud-dog trail loop, Dynamite, Aspen Rise, and Rowan....
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Get involved in the Social Scene…

New trail signs are going up and the snow is coming down!!

Just in time for this early winter snow - our new trail signs are being installed.  Thanks a heap to Karen Broadworth for all her hard work in getting the signs made and installed.  Got some time on your hands and a cordless drill?  Give her a call and lend a hand. ...
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Did you know we updated our grooming protocol in 2016?

The executive approved an updated grooming protocol in the fall of 2016 and it is a guideline document for the groomers and for our members.  It outlines the priority trails for grooming if time is short.  Normally, the groomers can go out and do the whole set of...
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We won an award for the woodlot!

On Monday, October 2nd the Omineca Ski Club was presented with the Minister's Award for excellence in woodlot management.  It came with a cheque for $2500 that will be used to purchase some legacy items (such as updated metal trail signs and possibly a water...
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Zone4 is now live and ready to accept your application for this year's ski season (THINK SNOW!!)  It's a one stop shop to sign up for your ski or snowshoe membership and get your kids enrolled in the Skills Development Program (Bunnies, Jackrabbits or Track Attack)....
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As a common courtesy we are asking that all users of the lodge clean up after themselves when leaving – sweep the floor, wipe the counter, take your garbage and recycling with you and put away all foodstuffs.  If we all put in the effort it sure makes it easier for the next person… And please keep your dogs outside.

Fat Biking at Omineca Ski Club

The executive is working hard to address the complexities and possibilities of introducing fat biking to our groomed ski trails.  At the December 4th meeting three resolutions were passed.  In short:

  • a working group will be formed to collect information and submit recommendations to the executive and members.
  • Sanctioned, single day events will be held this winter and event insurance will be purchased for them
  • Fat bikes will not be permitted on groomed trails during the winter of 2017-18 with the exception of sanctioned single day events

Please follow this link to our fat bike information page, fill out our user survey and send us your comments.

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CANADA turns 150 years old as OMINECA turns 90!

OSC logo small

To find out more about OSC birthday celebrations just follow this link to our special birthday page!

Help Build Our History

Consider the fact that 2017 is our club’s 90th anniversary. Help us build the Omineca History by submitting an old picture and the story that goes with it.

Fun Facts from 1927

  • The National Museum of Canada was created
  • The boundary between Labrador and Quebec is established by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council accepting the claim of the Dominion of Newfoundland over the claim of Canada
  • The Old Age Pension Act is introduced in Parliament
  • On July 1st Confederation was celebrated with the first cross-country radio broadcast
  • BC’s Premier John Oliver died in office and was replaced three days later by John MacLean
  • Ten CPR cars carrying a valuable cargo of silk went off the rails near Yale, BC and five cars landed in the Fraser River
  • The National Gallery of Canada opened an exhibit of Emily Carr works bringing her out of obscurity

And most importantly, the OMINECA SKI CLUB is established in Burns Lake, BC!!