Trail Maps and Routes

(otherwise known as how to find your way around or plan a ski!!)

Dog Friendly Trails at Omineca

During the fall of 2017 we were able to expand two of our trails to increase the area where dogs are welcome (with their owners!).

The Summit Loop has been expanded by just over a kilometer to include a portion of the Home Run and a logging road that loops it back to the Summit Loop.  Here is the map: OSC extended DogTrailMap 2017-11

As well, a new trail was built from the Reid Roundabout to the Larch thanks to some logging done by BL Comfor.  You can now take your dogs on a longer loop around the Spud/Larch/Cedar trail system.  Here is a map showing all of the trails where dogs are welcome: OSC Accessible Dog Trails 2017-11



Trying to plan out a ski?

Here are a variety of routes that were developed for the Loppet that offer a variety of distances and difficulties.

Just pick one and have a go!!





How about a snowshoe?

We have two trails that are designed for snowshoeing – they use some ski trails and also give you some chance to head off the trails and meander through the woods and cutblocks – they have both been recently signed.  The Nomad is 1.7 km long and the Mad Trapper is 3 km long (with a bypass route to get you around the gully if you don’t want to slide downhill!!)

Map form: OSC snowshoe trail map 2015-11
Aerial Photo: OSC snowshoe trail ortho 2015-11

You may snowshoe on any of the groomed ski trails – we just ask that you  stay off of the classic ski set track.

Want to find out more about our grooming protocol and machines? Click here for a link.

We have two brochures that outline our club and facilities as well as maps of ski and snowshoe trails.  They can be found in printed version in the Wax Cabin, Jean Paulson Lodge, Visitor Center (Chamber of Commerce) and Lakes Multiplex.

Or download them here:

Omineca Ski Club brochure: OSC brochure 2015-11

Snowshoe trails: OSC Snowshoe brochure 2015-11

This table outlines the main trails within our recreation area.  They have been classified by difficulty and distance.  Here is the map: OSC Trails Map October 2014

Trail Rating Distance (metres)
Aidan’s Cutoff moderate 890
Aspen Rise moderate 1409
Cliffhanger difficult 326
Creekside Glide easy 955
Dragon Back moderate 663
Dynamite difficult 2100
Home Run moderate 3303
Huff & Puff moderate 538
Lodge Loop moderate ?
Lonesome Boulder moderate 763
Meandering Moose moderate 942
Nightmare difficult 904
Omineca Main moderate 2462
Paulson Hills difficult 552
Roller Coaster difficult 1106
Rowan moderate 1180
Scampering Squirrel moderate 507
Sidewinder difficult 254
Stride & Glide easy 308
Summit Connector moderate 1496
Summit Loop (Dog Trail) moderate 3843
Twister difficult 1763