Omineca Open

in conjunction with Teck Northern Race Series


2019 Teck Northern Cup #2 and Omineca Open

Our annual race will be held on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019.  Come on out and enter the race of your choice – all ages, all skill levels!!

This year, the race will be classic technique with mass starts for each age category.  As usual, the Tour de Omineca will be first out at 11am.  Then the pre-Atoms and Atoms will have a fun challenge throughout the stadium area.  Once they are clear, we will start all of the regular races at 5 minute intervals.

If you wish to volunteer with timing, race setup, concession or any other tasks, please call Agathe Bernard at 250-698-7737 or email

Here is the race notice: Omineca Race Notice amended 2019-02-03


Our Race Maps

If you are finding the clarity of printing these photos isn’t too good you can download the pdf files

TECK 2018 500m

Teck 2018 1&3 km

TECK 2018 2.5 & 7.5 km

Tour_de_Omineca 2018


2018 Teck Northern Cup #4

We are hosting the Teck Northern Cup #4 (more affectionately known as the Omineca Open) on Sunday, January 28th, 2018.  It is a mass start (by age category) and will be freestyle technique.  Come on out and volunteer or cheer on all the racers!

Here is the race notice: Omineca Race Notice 2018-01-28

The results are in: Teck Northern Cup #4 and Omineca Open 2018 _Official Results

Ski Like It’s 1927!

Congratulations to all of the skiers who endured the tough conditions and raced on Sunday, January 29th!  The positive was that it never rained but the course was icy and fast and klister wax always makes it interesting…  We had 206 skiers participate in a classic technique race and we hope you all had fun and that you don’t have too many bruises!

Here are the results: 2017-omineca-open-results

PS There were three sets of ski poles left behind once everyone was gone.  If you think they might be yours just use the contact us form at the bottom of the page (if you are from out of town).  Otherwise, they are hanging on the ski racks outside the lodge (2 pairs) or the Wax Cabin (1 pair).

The 2016 Omineca Open and Teck Northern Cup #2 happened on Sunday, January 31st

Here are the results: Omineca Open Official Race Results 2016-01-31

Thanks to everyone who took part in the race.  We have had an issue with the download to Zone4 (some categories are missing) so these results were put together from the official results posted at the race site.  Please let us know if there are any discrepancies.
And we apologize for the problem with the course marking near the dog trail on the 22.5 km course – there were four people who completed the full course and we have separated the Tour results into a 19 km category and a 22.5 km category that is consistent with the awards we gave out.

Teck Northern Cup Banner 2015 Yellow

The 2015 Omineca Open was held on Sunday, February 1st in conjunction with the Teck Northern Cup #3.


Here are a few images from race day.  It may have been a little snowy but the racers came out enthusiastic and had a great day.  They made it easy for all the volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who helped make race day a resounding success.  From the concession to the timers, all the course controllers, announcer, setup and take down people, and organizers.  Races would not happen without you!!

The Omineca Open is an annual event offering races to skiers of all ages.  Over the past few years, we have combined the Omineca Open with the sponsored Teck Regional Cup (Northern) series. This sponsored event has numerous races hosted by northern clubs and skiers are awarded points for participation and placement.  There is a team aggregate award given at the end of the season.  In 2014, OSC hosted the final race of the season on February 1st and the aggregate award was given to the Bulkley Valley Ski Club.