Omineca Open

in conjunction with Teck Northern Race Series

2020 Teck Northern Cup #3

The 2020 TECK Northern Cup #3 Race was held at the OSC January 26. 





2019 Teck Northern Cup #2 and Omineca Open

Our annual race will be held on Sunday, February 3rd, 2019.  Come on out and enter the race of your choice – all ages, all skill levels!!

This year, the race will be classic technique with mass starts for each age category.  As usual, the Tour de Omineca will be first out at 11am.  Then the pre-Atoms and Atoms will have a fun challenge throughout the stadium area.  Once they are clear, we will start all of the regular races at 5 minute intervals.

If you wish to volunteer with timing, race setup, concession or any other tasks, please call Agathe Bernard at 250-698-7737 or email

Here is the race notice: Omineca Race Notice amended 2019-02-03


Our Race Maps

If you are finding the clarity of printing these photos isn’t too good you can download the pdf files

TECK 2018 500m

Teck 2018 1&3 km

TECK_2.5km_and_7.5_Jan_21_2020 UPDATED