Lakes Loppet

and Family Marathon - not just a race but an event!!

“The Loppet means different things to participants.  For some it’s intense competition, for others it’s a relaxing way to spend a day outside, taking in the pristine beauty of the country side or wilderness, and enjoying the home grown entertainment and great food and drink at the rest stops along the trail.”  Excerpt from Cross Country Canada website

Join us for “Lakes Loppet Lite” on Sunday, February 26th

Due to things like logging on the Spud road system, low snow levels and the current challenges we are having grooming trails (not too sure what causes more trouble – water on the trails or icy conditions?) the Lakes Loppet will be “Lite” this year.  The groomers will put in their best effort (if we don’t get any snow this week but fingers are crossed) to till up the trails for a great ski afternoon.

We invite everyone out to enjoy a campfire at the new picnic area on the Boulder trail.  Lunch (by donation) will be served between noon and 1 pm – hot dogs to roast on the fire and a nice pot of hot chili.  Head out for a ski, drop in for some food and then go out on the trails again.  Bring some cookies to share if you can.  There will be some drinks available.  And if you have some camp chairs we can use drop them off at the lodge and the snowmobile will get them up to the picnic site.

Here is what the groomers are planning:  Ski the Omineca Main to the Rowan, then head up there, across the Aspen Rise and back to the Omineca Main.  From there, it is a short ski to the Boulder and lunch.  Then you have a few options: ski out the Cedar and back with a loop around the Reid Roundabout.  Try out the Roller Coaster or Boulder to get down to the Meandering Moose. Then you can either head up Aiden’s Cutoff and the Summit to get back to the lodge or continue on down the Meandering Moose to the Stride and Glide then back to the lodge.  Please bear with us in these challenging conditions – some of the trails are experiencing problems with water pooling in low-lying areas or dirt is appearing due to some extra tilling.  The cold nights mean that sometimes they have to go around twice just to break up the crust (it can take 10-12 hours and lots of fuel!) in what normally would be done in about 3 hours.

Please take a moment to quickly fill in this survey so we can get an estimate of numbers of hot dogs to buy!  Your reply by Friday afternoon would be great. 
Lakes Loppet Lite 2017
How many people in your group?

Download the poster: lakes loppet poster 2016-01-30

Here are the different routes to ski (just click on the pink text to download the map):

‘Epic’ route – 50 km takes you over hill and dale!  Lakes_Loppet_The_Epic_50k 2016-01-28

‘Viewpoint’ route – 20 km that takes you to the top of the hill for a grand view. Lakes_Loppet_Viewpoint_20k

‘Flatlander’ – 15 km route that takes you out past the outhouse into the Burns Lake Community Forest and over to the dog trails. Lakes_Loppet_Flatlander_15k

‘Participaction’ is a series of three different trails with the family in mind.  Lakes_Loppet_Participaction_5k

Entry Fees:
$25 per person or $50 for a family (up to 2 adults and any number of related children under the age of 19)

Your entry fee entitles you to snacks and liquid refreshments around the trails at designated stations and a hot lunch at the end of it all.  Please ensure that you supplement these refreshments with plenty of water of your own and other snacks for along the route.

Please consider registering in advance at Zone4 by following this link  It sure helps limit congestion on Sunday morning!!
Advance Registration will be open from 0800 hours on Monday, February 15th to midnight on Friday, February 26th
You may also register in person on Sunday, February 28th starting at 0900 hours

The 2015 Lakes Loppet was held on Sunday, March 1st.  Here are the final results for those who were timed: Loppet results 2015-03-01

My apologies to all those families who did the various Participaction trails as I did not get your final times recorded – I know you all did a fantastic job skiing around the trails multiple times!!

64 skiers aged 3 – 73 skied a variety of trails and terrain from just a few kilometres up to 50 kilometres.  Congratulations to everyone that came out for an excellent day of skiing and camaraderie.  The conditions were perfect!!

And thanks to all the volunteers who make these events a success – from all the groomers who spent hours in the machines, to set-up/take-down people and the concession.  And especially to all those businesses in Burns Lake that generously donated to our door prizes – they were awesome (especially the pink beanbag chair!!).

Many thanks to Burns Lake Community Forest whose donation helped us update our signage and groom the trails early in the season; to Free Growing Forestry for printing all our maps and to Lakes District Free Classifieds for ensuring all the signs got laminated on time.

The 2014 Lakes Loppet was held on Sunday, February 23rd.     

We tried a new format in 2014 by offering a variety of trail distances.  54 skiers registered and skied from 5 km to 50 km.  Skies were sunny and bright (and pretty cold to start out) but it was a great day for a ski!!

Not everyone chose to get timed but we gave out two prizes for the fastest man and woman in the ‘Epic – 50 km’ category.  The winners were Tony Fiala of Prince George and Susan Russell of Burns Lake.  They were both presented with wooden plaques generously donated by Tree to Tree Contracting (Chris Paulson).  We also had a table full of door prizes generously donated by merchants of Burns Lake.