Welcome to the Omineca Store!!

a place to get all your Omineca bling...

We have obtained a variety of items to show off the Omineca brand to your friends and family – all of the money raised goes towards club activities and materials.  And they make great gift ideas…

If you scroll down the page you will find some specially designed clothing that is sold at cost but it must be custom ordered.

Currently we are only doing local deliveries but you may pay by credit card (through Paypal on this site) or by cash or cheque upon order.  We can arrange for out of town delivery but there will be extra charges for mailing that have not yet been determined.

If at any time you require assistance, please use the contact us form found in the page footer.

Fundraising Items:

Custom Order Items:

The puffy jackets and vests come from Prince George and can be ordered at any time (especially if you are willing to make the trip to pick them up!).  The jackets come in two models – hooded or collared.  The vests are collared only.  Please choose the jacket style, colour, lettering colour and skier colour.  All stitching will be done on the back of the jacket, below the hood.

Please view this pdf order form for more information before proceeding. pj-order-form-2016-10-03
At this time we are only accepting payment by cash or cheque so you cannot proceed through the checkout.   Click here to use the web-based order form.

We will contact you for to arrange for pre-payment before the order is made.

Watch the slide show below for examples of the jacket and vest that have been made.


The racing suits and shells come from the US so there are extra taxes, duties and shipping costs as the price displayed is only for the specific item (@2015 prices).  It is preferable that we do one order per year to reduce shipping costs.

At this time you cannot place your order online (due to complications with calculating the final price).  Instead, please look at this order form (ski-wear-order-form-2016) and then contact us using the form in the footer of this page.  We will get back to you about the possibility of making an order and estimated prices.  The form gives you a link to the Mount Borah website where you can view the various items.