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More dog trails


For the 2017-18 ski season we introduced two new dog trails and maps are available in the wax cabin.

The first trail was an extension of the existing dog trail and it added just over a kilometer to the trail – Dogs are now allowed part way down the Home Run trail where the new trail connects through some logging roads back to the Summit trail.

The second trail was added from the Reid Roundabout over to the Spud Road.  Dogs have been allowed through the Spud system (Larch to Reid Roundabout) since about 2016.  They can now go on a longer circular route from the dog parking lot.  Dog owners must be aware that there is an active trapline in this area and dogs should be kept on the trail at all times.

There are plans to expand the dog trail so that skiers can start from the main parking lot at the lodge.  This planning is ongoing and requires consultation with the Burns Lake Community Forest as well as local trappers and landowners.

IC dog trails answer 2019-01-22


Classic Tracks


We went down to one track for a couple of reasons.  It allows us to pull the one track slightly away from the edge of the trail and still give enough room for the skate track.  It also gives a larger skate area which has been positively received from the skate skiers.   It also allows a spot for maintenance runs with the snowmobile and Piston Bullie without wrecking a track.  And lastly it was an experiment as a potential lane for multi-sport activities like snowshoeing and biking. 

The grooming team will discuss putting in two tracks for some of the two way trails such as the main, Cedar, Stride and Glide, and Scampering Squirrel.  Grooming for the upcoming Teck Race (February 3rd) will create two lanes on a few trails as it is a classic technique race.

IC classic track answer 2019-01-22

a water cooler would be great


A water cooler is expensive and requires regular maintenance (and a volunteer) to ensure it is kept supplied with clean water (that also costs money).  Skiers are expected to bring with them all of the proper clothing, food water and equipment that they would need for their planned activity.

IC water cooler answer 2019-01-22

trails are great!!


What a “Gem”, beautiful skiing on lovely groomed trails.

Kim & Helen, Terrace, January 15, 2019


This needs no further comment!! 

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